Welcome to the AGDP

With the launch of the new accessgrid.org portal, the AGDP has ceased to operate as a separate entity.

Since the AGDP documents are still a valuable resource, we plan to leave the site essentially intact for the time being. Most of the documents on this site carry open-source licenses, therefore making anyone free to update them, modify them, and post on the portal or anywhere else they find appropriate, provided that the license/copyright policies of that site aren't in conflict. Some of these documents have already been added to the portal. (A prominent exception is the AG Training Project tutorials; these tutorials will remain available in their WebCT form, and I have linked to them from the new accessgrid.org portal; however, they are not licensed for free re-distribution.) AGDP authors and contributors are encouraged to contribute materials to the new portal.

The Access Grid Documentation Project (AGDP) is an effort of members of the AG community to provide a canonical, free, and comprehensive set of documentation for the Access Grid.

The AGDP, like the Access Grid itself, is and will continue to be a community effort. The National Computational Science Alliance (Alliance) has supported the founding of the AGDP, and continues to fund a substantial portion of the AGDP's project team, as well as a substantial amount of documentation currently under development. Staff members of inSORS are also active members on the AGDP project team.

The AGDP Team

  • Lead: Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University, Alliance PACS
  • Review Team Lead: Jim Miller, inSORS Integrated Communications Inc.
  • Review Team Members:
    • Eric Damoise, University of Maine
    • Kendra Davitt, Ohio State University
    • Brett D. Ellis, University of Tennessee
    • Ivan Judson, Argonne National Laboratory
    • Samuel T. Liston, University of Utah
    • David McNabb, University of Maryland
    • Michael Miller, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
    • Don Morton, University of Montana
    • Julia Shiela Mullen, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Robert Olson, Argonne National Laboratory
    • Gary Refka, inSORS Integrated Communications Inc.
    • Monika Rabarison, Jackson State University
    • Jim Senechal, North Dakota State University
    • Cindy Sievers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • Thomas Uram, Argonne National Laboratory
  • AGDP Authors are credited on their individual documents