Access Grid User Documentation

With the launch of the new portal, the AGDP has ceased to operate as a separate entity.

Since the AGDP documents are still a valuable resource, we plan to leave the site essentially intact for the time being. Most of the documents on this site carry open-source licenses, therefore making anyone free to update them, modify them, and post on the portal or anywhere else they find appropriate, provided that the license/copyright policies of that site aren't in conflict. Some of these documents have already been added to the portal. (A prominent exception is the AG Training Project tutorials; these tutorials will remain available in their WebCT form, and I have linked to them from the new portal; however, they are not licensed for free re-distribution.) AGDP authors and contributors are encouraged to contribute materials to the new portal.

The documentation below is intended for user of AG Toolkit 2.x. An additional page is available with AG Toolkit 1.x documentation for archival purposes.

In addition, Access Grid Toolkit 2.x design, architecture, and some user documents for 2.x are currently available on the Access Grid Research web site. Many useful documents and tutorials can also be found on the new user portal, AG Central.




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