AG 2.x: Integrated Bridging

AG 2.x offers substantial improvements in network bridging. Instead of using interfaces to bridges outside of the main venue software, the option to connect to a bridge has been integrated into the AG 2.x Venue Client.

The QuickBridge software discussed earlier in this document is integrated into the AG2 bridge through a wrapper program,

When an integrated bridge is available in a given venue, the "Preferences" menu will allow you to select "Use Unicast." (If this is not the case, this menu option will be grayed out.)

Of course, in order to connect to a bridge for a given venue, a site with multicast enabled needs to be providing such a bridge. The list of venues on the Transitional Venue Server which have integrated bridging available is liste on the BridgedVenues page on the AG Wiki. In order to encourage deployment of such bridges, Argonne National Laboratory has packaged a bridge server into AG 2.x for linux. This bridge is easy to configure and run.

In order to run an AG2 bridge against a given venue, you need to have administrative priviliges on that venue server.

For detailed information, including step-by-step instructions for both providing and using bridge servers in AG 2.x, see "How to run a Bridge Server", by Futures Laboratory of Argonne National Laboratory, located on the Access Grid Toolkit web site. In addition, the Access Grid Wiki has a page on setting up the BridgeServer on AG 2.1.2 that may also be useful.