4.5. Jabber

4.5.1. Jabber client

In order to run a Jabber client behind a firewall, you will need to allow the client to connect to:

This will work even if your client is chatting with users of different Jabber servers, as Jabber servers relay messages to others.

NB. Old Jabber clients connect to port 5223/TCP for encrypted connections (SSL/TLS). Newer clients will be able to start encrypted connections on the normal port 5222/TCP.)

4.5.2. Jabber server

If you are running a Jabber server, you will need to allow external machines to connect to:

In addition, your Jabber server will connect to:

NB.If your Jabber server uses 5223/TCP for encrypted connections (SSL/TLS), you will need to allow external machines to also connect to port 5223/TCP.