How To Configure the Gentner AP400 for an Access Grid Node

Allan Spale

Table of Contents
About this Document
Conventions Used in this Document
Installation and Configuration
Downloading and Installing the Software, and Creating a "Site"
Setting up the Three Recommended Presets
Configuring Preset 1
Configuring Preset 2
Configuring Preset 3
Labeling Connection Matrices
Saving the Site Information
Configuring Microphone Gain
Introduction to Configuring Microphone Gain
Downloading and Using the RTP Packet Reflector
Configuring the Microphones Using AP-Ware
Revision History
Revision 1.5.1July 25, 2003
Minor changes to support rendering to pdf via docbook2pdf, fixed or removed broken links
Revision 1.5March 25, 2003
Corrected outdated link to Lisa Childers' original document on the 3 recommended presets
Revision 1.4May 29, 2002
One more typo fix
Revision 1.3May 28, 2002
A large number of revisions and corrections were made.
Revision 1.2April 9, 2002
Authorship was transferred to Allan Spale of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This document was updated to reflect the changes in the new version of the software named AP-Ware (formerely Audio Perfect Tools). A new section was added named "Configuring Microphone Gain" that described how to use the RTP Packet Reflector and how to use the AP-Ware software program to configure the microphones attached to the Gentner.
Revision 1.0.4July 9, 2001
Fixed modem string in section in "Installation and Configuration" section
Revision 1.0.3June 13, 2001
Added more text to note added in revision 1.0.2, and added some text to the section "About this Document"
Revision 1.0.2June 12, 2001
Added note to start of "installation and configuration" section
Revision 1.0.1June 6, 2001
Published in conjunction with 1.0 release of Access Grid Toolkit. Incorporated feedback from AGDP Review Team.
Revision 1.0May 31, 2001