Wish List and Works in Progress

With the launch of the new accessgrid.org portal, the AGDP has ceased to operate as a separate entity.

Since the AGDP documents are still a valuable resource, we plan to leave the site essentially intact for the time being. Most of the documents on this site carry open-source licenses, therefore making anyone free to update them, modify them, and post on the portal or anywhere else they find appropriate, provided that the license/copyright policies of that site aren't in conflict. Some of these documents have already been added to the portal. (A prominent exception is the AG Training Project tutorials; these tutorials will remain available in their WebCT form, and I have linked to them from the new accessgrid.org portal; however, they are not licensed for free re-distribution.) AGDP authors and contributors are encouraged to contribute materials to the new portal.

One of our motivations in founding the AGDP is to reduce duplication of effort in the development of AG documentation, and at the same time identify gaps in the existing body of documents. To these ends, we've gathered these lists of documents we hope somebody will write, and documents we're aware are already in progress. We've also listed some other tasks where we could use some help.

Please note that the documents listed below are intended for a wide variety of authors, including people who build, maintain, operate, and support and manage day-to-day operations of AG nodes. We hope that authors from all these groups will participating in writing AGDP documents.

If you are considering writing documentation for the AG, we strongly encourage you to look over these lists, and consider volunteering to write one of the "Wish List" documents. If you'd like to do so, please send mail to agdp-coordinate@accessgrid.org to let us know of your intentions. Or, if you've got an idea for another document, please review the "Works in Progress" list below to be sure it's not already in the works.

We are also always interested in receiving suggestions of additional documents to add to our Wish List; if you have any to add, please send them to agdp-coordinate@accessgrid.org .

Wish List

  • Non-writing Tasks

    • Proofreading, testing, and editing documents as part of the AGDP review team.
    • Translation services

  • Documents

    • How to run and use the multicast beacon
    • VIC and RAT operations and the AG, including features such as
      • VIC window management
      • RAT decoder for checking losses and network functionality.
    • Video primer, including issues such as camera placement, lighting, etc.
    • An acronym definition reference guide.
    • An AG netiquette guide and general introduction to AG community
    • Guide to AG capabilities in comparison to other technologies (ie, why would one choose AG for a particular event, as opposed to technologies such as RealMedia or NetMeeting?)
    • Guide to setting up temporary AG node installations. Should cover issues such as integration with existing PA systems, and working with local networking staff and A/V vendors.
  • Works in Progress

    • Frequently Asked Questions, by Mike Daw and the AG Support Centre of University of Manchester.
    • Switching H.323 within the Access Grid: An Access Grid H.323 AV Portal, by John Langkals.
    • For Educators -- Before Your First Session, by Kathy Gill of University of Washington.
    • Document on multicast for AG node administrators and network administrators at remote sites, by Andrew Daviel of TRIUMF
    • Document on reducing bitrates, by Jon Johansson of University of Alberta
    • AG Guidebook, by Vince Amendolare, Ryan LeBlanc, and Julian Race of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, currently under consideration by the AGDP Review Team