Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera

Fire-i Digital Camera

- IIDC v1.04 FireWire Digital Camera
- Multiple cameras simultaneous operation and display on same PC
- NEW ! Text and Time/Date inclusion in the picture
- Low power consumption
- Built-in f 4,65 mm lens with anti-reflective coating
- Two 400Mbps FireWire ports ( 6 pins )
- 640x480 video resolution
- 30 frames per second
- NEW ! Tripod adaptor with standard photographic screw (compatible with tripods and wall /ceiling mounting fixations)

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Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP

QuickCam Orbit MP

Motorized Pan and Tilt
Long Stalk to sit at eye level

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OrangeMicro iBot

  • Firewire IEEE 1394
  • Discontinued, apparently

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