Potential Authentication Proxy “work around” for getting Unicast Bridge Listing

For those who have problems connecting to the unicast registry peer, thereby having the problem of having no unicast bridges listed, a possible workaround is to have a local copy of the peers.txt file and point to that file within the bridge registry preferences.

This can be achieved by:

  • Creating the peers.txt file and have it containing the following single line:

You may wish to replace this address with a different bridge registry if needed or required.

  • Then place this file in an appropriate location. Example

Windows: c:\peers.txt

Linux: /home/peers.txt

  • Then you will need to add the bridge registry within the AGTK Preferences, this is done by:

Selecting the Tools->Preferences menu option within the VenueClient.

Then Selecting "Bridging".

Click on the "add" button and enter the following:

Windows: file:///peers.txt

Linux: /home/peers.txt

Notice for windows there is no "c:\", this is to workaround a VenueClient bug which doesn't handle the colon in the drive letter.

  • Then click on “Find Additional Bridges” which will hopefully find unicast bridges.

  • Don’t forget to save before exiting.