Getting the DV and HDV Node Services to Work

Access to the firewire device

To capture from the firewire port, rw access to the /dev/fw* device is required. Unfortunately the default fedora 8 settings only allow rw access to root (the device owner). This basically means that the ordinary user can't grab video from the device.

To fix this issue, you need to give permissions to this device to the "standard" user which runs the VenueClient. This can be achieved by (with root permissions):

chown “username” /dev/fw*

Unfortunately this command will not survive a reboot. The command could be added to /etc/rc.local so it will be executed automatically at each reboot.

Compiling the HDV/DV version of vic

The section provides a step by step procedure for creating the HDV/DV version of vic.

  • There are a number of packages that are required to compile vic which by default are not installed. To install these, simply execute the following command (ensure you have root permissions):

yum install libiec61883-devel libX11-devel libXau-devel libXext-devel libXt-devel libXv-devel

  • You will need to obtain the source code, which can be obtained from a SVN repository. As the default "AG" user, issue the command:

svn co

  • Then change into the ag-media directory.

  • Execute the following commands to build the software:


  • Hopefully, within the /ag-media/vic directory should be a "vic" executable.

Installing the DV and HDV Node Services

This section provides the procedure for installing the various DV and HDV AG node services.

  • Within a command prompt, extract the node services by executing the command :

tar –zxvf /location/of/download/hdvideozipfiles-0.23.tar.gz

  • Then copy all of the node services to the /etc/AccessGrid3/NodeServices directory. This is achieved by (with root permissions):

cd /"location"/"of"/"directory"/hdvideozipfiles-0.23

cp * /etc/AccessGrid3/NodeServices/

Adding a DV/HDV Node service.

This procedure shows how to add a DV/HDV node service and get them to use the DV/HDV version of vic.

  • Within the VenueClient, enter the Access Grid Node Management by tools -> Configure node services…

  • Add the appropriate nodes service. Example, if you want to transmit a DV or HDV video stream to a group DV/HVD multicast address, then simply add the AG node service “SimpleHDVideoService” .

  • Initially this won’t work, as it will try and use the “general version of vic”.

  • What is required is a copy of various executables (HDV\DV version of vic) and scripts to the ~/.AccessGrid3/local_services/“Applicable-NodeService” directory. Therefore, if the “SimpleHDVideoService” was added, then the following commands would be required to copy the appropriate files:

cd /locataion/of/ag-media/vic

This is where you build the HDV/DV version of vic is located.

cp vic runDV* runH* ~/.AccessGrid3/local_services/SimpleHDVideoConsumerService/

(This is a single line command, not 2 seperate commands)

  • Note, if it didn't succeed the first time, you will have to try adding the node service again.

  • Then, if you disable and re-enable the node service, it should now be working.

  • Additionally, don’t forget to select the approipate device, port (DV or HDV) and Aspect Ratio.

Additional References



Leon Zadorin (ex UQ - QCIF) for providing the support for DV and HDV to vic.

Chris Willing (UQ - QCIF) for providing the support for DV and HDV to vic and for "Accessing firewire device" information.


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