How to run an AG3 Bridge


In AccessGrid 3, bridges are available to any user in any Venue. This is achieved by registration of the Bridges with a Registry, which clients can query to discover Bridges. As of AG3.0, only one such Registry exists; support for multiple separate Registries will come in a future release. This article briefly describes how to run a bridge in AG3.

To run a Bridge in AG3, do the following:

  • Make sure the bridge machine has multicast connectivity. If the bridge machine does not see multicast traffic, it will be of little use to people trying to repair their multicast connectivity.
  • If the bridge machine is behind a firewall, make sure the firewall will allow requests from clients to reach the bridge machine. (More information about ports is below)
  • Run as follows: --name=<name> --location=<location>

This will run the bridge with the following state:

  • The bridge will appear in the VenueClient with the given name. The name chosen should ideally identify your institution.
  • The bridge will listen for requests on port 20000. This port can modified with the '--listenPort' argument.
  • The bridge will use ports 50000 to 52000 for communicating with unicast clients. This range can be modified with the '--portRange' argument, which takes as arguments the start and end of the port range to use. The port range must be open for UDP traffic from outside your network; talk with your network administrator to ensure that your network is properly configured.

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