Installation of the Access Grid Software

This section of the guide will provide you with instructions on how to install the Access Grid software.

  1. The easiest way to install the AG Toolkit Fedora RPM packages is to use the yum package manager which is included with Fedora. It provides automatic downloading and installation of packages that you specify and also retrieves any missing dependencies.

  2. Start up "Terminal" and switch to superuser. Change into the /etc/yum.repos.d directory. Create a file called ag-fedora.repo and edit it. To do this type "vi ag-fedora.repo". You then need to type the following into the file. When you are finished, hit the "esc" key, type ":wq" then hit the enter key to save and exit:

name=AccessGrid Fedora $releasever - $basearch

name=AccessGrid Fedora Development

Note: The accessgrid3-development repo isn't enabled in the above repo file, so the --enablerepo switch is used with yum, alternatively change the "enabled=0" line to "enabled=1" so you don't need to use the --enablerepo switch.  The development repo can be used the install the beta versions of the Access Grid software.

Installation of the Access Grid Toolkit 3.x

Issue the command:

yum install AccessGrid

If should be noted, that additional packages are installed when a "yum install AccessGrid" is completed. These include:

  • AGVCR;
  • VPCScreen Capture;
  • SUMOVER "vic" and "rat";

Installation of the Access Grid Toolkit 3.2beta

To install 3.2 beta, simply enable the development repo (and disable the accessgrid3 repo) and then execute the command:

yum update AccessGrid

This should then install AGTK 3.2 Beta SVN snapshot.

Installation of Additional Access Grid Software

If you wish to use the Shared Presentation application, then you will also need to install the RPM:

yum install

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