Configuring AG Service Managers (Multi-Node Configuration Only)

This section will describe how to configure and setup AGServiceManagers to be running when non display machines are logged in.

When running a multi-node configuration for the Access Grid, each machine that doesn’t run the Venue Client, ie, any machine that isn’t the display node, requires the “AGServiceManager” to be running so that the VenueClient can externally start the required services (i.e. VideoProducerService on capture machine).

Start-up scripts for starting the AGServiceMangers

To help with making it easier for users, it is suggested to create a simple script and then adding it to the window manger startup, thereby the Service Managers will automatically start up.

AGServiceManager for AG 3.x

Start a terminal session and type vi and hit Enter. You then need to add the following lines to the new file.:


After adding them save and exit (:wq).

You will then need to ensure the script is executable by issuing the following command:

chmod a+x

If you are using the Gnome desktop, select “System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions” option from the gnome panel. Select the “Startup Programs” tab from the resulting popup window. Then using the “+Add” option, add file.

For KDE, simply copy the script file to ~/.kde/Autostart/

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