Single and Multi-Node Access Grids Notes

This installation guide has instructions on how to setup the Access Grid software for both single and multi-node configurations. A single node configuration is where you have one machine which handles the entire workload. This machine will capture video, produce video and manage audio. This type of node configuration is generally used if you have a single capture device and connect to small AG sessions.

A multi-node configuration is where multiple machines spread the workload for the running of an Access Grid. You may use one machine for each of the following functions, or use a combination of machines to perform the duties below:

  • Capture of video (Capture Machine)

  • Production of video (Display/Projection Machine)

  • Managing of audio (Audio Machine)

This type of node configuration is recommended if you have multiple capture devices and may participate in very large "virtual" meetings.

It should be noted that it is generally accepted that the audio functionality is also combined with the display, as the computer resources utilised by the audio side of things is quite minimal. Therefore, it is quite common to see 2 machines utilised in a multi-node configuration, these being:

  • Audio/Display Machine

  • Capture Machine

It is possible to use a combination of a Windows XP, Mac OS.X, Earlier version of Fedora (or even a different type of Linux such as slackware) in conjunction with a Fedora 12 machine to run your Access Grid.

This guide will assume that if you plan to use a different system (other than Fedora 12) for any of the Access Grid functionalities, you have the system configured correctly and running the same version of the Access Grid Software.

Any machine, whether a single node or combination of machines for a multi-node configuration that you plan on using Fedora 12, will be required to follow the: Installation of Fedora 12, Update of Fedora 12 Linux for latest Software and Patches and Installation of the Access Grid software process for each machines.

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