Configuring a Unicast Bridge

A Unicast Bridge allows sites that do not have functioning Multicast to participate within an Access Grid Session. Through the Venue Client, users can connect to your Unicast Bridge that has been configured. This guide is designed to demonstrate how to configure a Bridge for either AG 2.x and AG 3.x, or alternatively, how to configure 2 separate bridges for both AG 2.x and AG 3.x.


  • Each venue client must previously been started with profile information filled out and certificates installed (if required);
  • If using a static ip addess, ensure hostname is configured in /etc/hosts; and
  • Hostname must be configured in DNS;


If you are unable to connect to the Bridge, or the "vic" streams or participants within "rat" are missing, ensure the firewall (iptables [if used]) has been configured correctly. The section “Security” ( details how to configure the firewall correctly.


To configure an Access Grid unicast Bridge, all you need to do is register the bridge to a Bridge Registry. For example the default bridge registry is

Start-up Shell Scripts

The following shell script can be used to start a unicast bridge. They have specifically been designed to shutdown all current bridge processes and start the requested bridge. These shell scripts can also be used in conjunction with “cron” so that the bridge can be used to restart every day, week or month.

For starting the AG 3.x Bridge, the following shell script file can be used:

killall -9 Bridge
killall -9 BridgeServer
Bridge -p 20200 -u -n "<Bridge Name>" -l "<Location>"

Note that for this example, you will need to change the variables <Bridge Name> and <location> to appropriate definitions!

To ensure you can execute the newly created shell scripts, execute the following command: chmod a+x

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