Configuring a 3.x Venue Server


  • If using a static ip addess, ensure hostname is configured in /etc/hosts; and
  • Hostname must be configured in DNS;


If you are unable to connect to a VenueServer, ensure the firewall (iptables [if used]) has been configured correctly. The section “Security” ( details how to configure the firewall correctly.

Requesting a Server Certificate

Before you can install and configure a Venue Server for AG 3, you will need to request a Server Certificate. The following information details the steps involved in requesting a certificate.

  • You can request a Server Certificate by using the Certificate Request Tool. Simply select AccessGrid 3.1 (or AccessGrid 3.2) -> Certificate Request Tool from the Menu.


  • To request a new certificate, click on the “New request” button.

  • Click on the next button to proceed requesting a new certificate.

  • Click on the next button, as the Service is the type of certificate we wish to request.

  • For part 3 of requesting a certificate. Ensure the Type of certificate is “Venue Server” and your machine name and email address have been filled out correctly.

  • Once you have verified that everything is correct, click on the “Finish” button to submit the request.

  • Generally speaking, the request takes around 2 working days to be processed. Once the certificate has been processed, you should received an email, simply start the Certificate Request Tool and click on the “Update Status Button”. Select the Server Certificate and click on the Import Certificate button.

Running the Venue Server

  • Once the certificate has been successfully installed, you can start the Venue Server using the following command:


  • Once the command has been enter, the Venue Server should start (in the background) with a list of ports being used.

  • You should now be able to connect to the Venue Server using a different machine through the Venue Client.
  • As you can see, by default, other than the Venue Server Lobby, no additional Venues are created.

Additional information on running the VenueServer application can be found by executing the command:

VenueServer --help

Start up information

The following are created (or used), depending on where you start the “VenueServer” application from:

  • .cfg file
  • .dat file
  • Data store

Therefore, it should be noted that if you start up the VenueServer application within different directories, you will be using different configurations.

Managing Venues

If you want to add new Venues, or modify existing ones, all this can be done from the Venue Management tool. Simply select AccessGrid 3.1 (or AccessGrid 3.2) -> Venue Manager from the Menu.

The Venue Manager allows you to:

  • Add a Venue
  • Modify a Venue’s:
    • Encryption;
    • Addressing (Static);
    • Security;

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