Which windows manager to choose?

Generally speaking, there are 2 mainstream window managers for Linux. Though it should be mentioned that there are many others, KDE and Gnome are usually the main ones selected.


Note that the author use to be bias towards using KDE, as have been using KDE for over 8 years. Unfortunately, the past few years has seen this windows manager to be problematic. Such example problems include:

  • Fedora 8 – KDE Version 3.5.9-5 Fedora
    • If X or the system is restart, all screensaver and/or power settings are not stored correctly and the system will blank screen after 10 minutes or so (Not useful in the AG application). Therefore the settings have to be “re-adjusted” each time.
    • Use to cause rat to default back to ALSA (rather than OSS) regularly
  • Fedora 10 – KDE Version 4.1
    • Fedora 10's KDE Remote Desktop Sharing (Krfb) is broken (as of Jan 2009)
      • A workaround is to use x0vncserver
    • There are a few issues with getting the display working correctly
      • Twinview doesn’t work (as of Jan 2009)
      • On Intel chipse (display), it has been found to be problematic
  • Fedora 13 - KDE still to be tested (July 2010)

Though KDE is still a pretty good windows manager and maybe fine for the experienced users, it is suggested to use Gnome, rather than KDE for Access Grid installations. For those you wish to use KDE, it is suggested to follow the instructions, as found at


Generally speaking, gnome is the default X-Windows for many Linux distro’s. With some recent testing, is has been found to be easier to configure and less problematic.

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