Installing and using GRAV

Please note this this page is currently in development and further testing is required!


GRAV is a GL-based application for receiving & displaying many videos, using RTP. Primarily intended for videoconferencing/telepresence/etc applications, all videos are displayed in a canvas-style window, with a globe displayed in the background for geographical correlation, as well as automatic grouping, both based on RTCP metadata. [Text taken from]


Grav can be used an alternative Video Consumer on the Access Grid, in which all the video streams are displayed on a single Open GL application.


Readers are suggested to look at the following links for further information: - GRAV homepage - GRAV repository


GRAV Installation

To install GRAV on your Scientific Linux system, simply execute the following command:

yum install grav


Running GRAV

With the Venue Client already started, simply execute the command:


This should have the software up and running and communicating with the AG Venue Client software.


A special thanks should also go to:

Andrew Ford (RIT) – The primary developer of the software.

Douglas Kosovic (UQ) - for his huge efforts in building and packaging the software for Scientific Linux.

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