Installing AGVCR

AGVCR was written by Derek Piper at the School of Informatics of Indiana University to allow members of Access Grid conferences to be able to easily record those conferences and play them back at a later time using a friendly, simple interface. Participants of a recording are saved along with the file itself to allow for easy review once the file is loaded again. Recorded files can be edited via a built-in editor.

This section demonstrates how to install the AGVCR software in which the following will provided step by step installation instructions.

  • Download the "Fedora Core 4 binary package of AGVCR 2.0.2" from

  • Load up Terminal and switch to super user mode. You now need to install the package you just downloaded. To do this type rpm -ivh /download/location/agvcr-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm. Where "/download/location/" is the path to where you downloaded the AGVCR package.

  • Once completed, you now should have the AGVCR software installed.





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