AGTk Venue Client 3.0.1 Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If I have AGTk 2.4 installed on my machine, do I need to reinstall Python 2.3?

  • How do I find IP/port info for a given venue in the Venue Client?

    Within the Venue Client, select "Venue," "Properties." In addition to IP/port information, you will also find locations for text chat and data.
  • Add schedule - what is that?

    This feature allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds of meeting schedules. To subscribe, you will need the URL of the RSS feed.
  • How do we know what bridge to select?

    Sometimes it will be fairly intuitive. For example, if you're connected to the NCSA venue server, the NCSA bridge is a good choice. However, any bridge will suffice. If you switch to the bridge by selecting "use unicast" in the Venue Client, a bridge will automatically be selected for you.

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Submitted by sievers on Wed, 2006-05-17 17:45.

The first question should actually read:
If I am trying to install AGtk 3.x and have AGtk2.4 already installed on my machine, do I need to re-install Python 2.3?

Answer: Yes, it's best to install all of the of the supporting software for AGtk3.x in the order listed, to ensure that the proper versions are installed on your machine.

Submitted by sievers on Wed, 2006-05-17 17:57.

If I have a single machine node, how do I conserve CPU?

Answer: You can turn off some video streams