How to use Jabber to Connect to AG 3.x Venue Text Chat


The AG 3.x Venue Client uses the jabber protocol for text chat. This creates the opportunity to join the text chat for a given venue using a jabber client, if you are in a situation where you cannot run a Venue Client.

Download, Installation, and Configuration

A Jabber client can be downloaded at Follow the link on the left-hand side of that page to "clients;" the Psi client is recommended and used by many in the AG community.

Download and install the PSI client on your machine. When you get to the Choose Components screen, you may choose to disable the Automatic startup if you would not prefer to have Psi start up automatically whenever you log in to your computer.

The first time you launch Psi, you will see a window titled Open Profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Profiles" button at the bottom of the window. The next window that opens is the Manage Profiles window.

  2. Select "New". The next window is the New Profile window.

  3. Type in a profile name (whatever you choose) and select "Chat". You can also enable emoticons here.

  4. When you are finished, click "Create."

  5. Back on the Open Profile window, the newly created profile is listed. Select "Open". This brings up an annoying little "Useful tips Page" which you can disable...and two other windows. The Psi window will be your main menu type of window.
  6. In the New Account window, type in a name you would like to call your account.

  7. Select "register this account" if this is the first time you created this account. On the Register Account Page, type in a Jabber ID (a name you want to be called on Jabber in the format and a password.

  8. Select "Manually Select Server Host/Port" and type in host box, and in the port box 5222. If you select "Use SSL encryption (to server) use the following port: 5223.

  9. Click "register" when you are finished.

Joining an AG Venue Text Chat

Each AG Virtual Venue has a jabber chat space associated with it. If you are using the Venue Client, you will simply access this text chat through the main window of the Venue Client. If you are connecting through a jabber client such as psi, you will need the location of the specific jabber chat space. Someone in the Venue can obtain this information for you by selecting "Venue," "Properties" within the Venue Client, while connected to the Venue you are trying to access.

After obtaining this information, follow these steps:

  1. Go back to the Psi main window. Your name should appear in the list next to a gray star (this means you are offline). At the bottom of this window are two buttons. The status button on the lower right displays your current status.

  2. Click on this button to display a drop down menu. When you select "Online" you will be connected to the jabber server at Argonne, and you little star will turn yellow. The other button will give you additional menu options.

  3. Select "Join Groupchat" from the bottom left-hand menu in the Psi main window.

  4. The "Join Groupchat" text box will appear. Enter the groupchat room by typing the location given from the appropriate Venue into the field "Room", and clicking on "Join."

  5. Jabber rooms are created dynamically; if you try to enter a room which doesn't exist yet, it will be created for you. So, be careful to spell the Venue name correctly; if possible, it is best to copy-and-paste rather than re-type, to avoid introducing typos. (It is also possible to find the appropriate groupchat room by selecting "Service Discovery," expanding the section of "AG Text Chats," and double-clicking on the desired groupchat in order to bring up the "Join Groupchat" window with the appropriate values already filled in for you.)

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