AccessGrid. A new collaborative work environment.

Language: Spanish
Author: Natalia Costas Lago (natalia at cesga dot es) (CESGA)
Date: 28/11/2006

AccessGrid technology is one of the infrastructures developed on the E-Science field whose goal is to improve researchers productivity by means of information technologies. It provides a work environment that allows the interconnection of a high number of geographically distributed groups that can make videoconference at the same time they share applications.

In the present article a global knowledge in AccessGrid techonolgy is given describing with great detail all the points that should be taken into account for its deployment. It is a recopilation of the information provided by the community and our particular experience during the deployment of several AccessGrid nodes in Spain: general information, requirements, functionalities, configuration hardware and software, installation, costs, documentation, troubleshooting...

Informe tecnico CESGA-2006-002.pdf2.94 MB

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