Access Grid in Collaborative Education: Case Studies


This collection of case studies is authored by members of the Virtual Institute on Access Grid in Education, part of the NSF-funded Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC).

  • Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University
  • Edee Norman Wiziecki, NCSA
  • Laura Arns, Purdue University
  • Michael Daw, University of Manchester
  • Nora Barry, Druid Media, Inc.
  • Vince Gaffney, Helen Goodchild, and Mary Harlow, Birmingham University
  • Vic Salva, Parent volunteer for Cherry Creek School District, Colorado

We invite those who are using AG in an educational context to share their case stories as well by adding comments on this page.

EPIC-VI-case-studies3-8-07.pdf238.92 KB

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