VB Multicast Bridge 1.0-beta

Download: vb.agpkg3
Size: 6.02 MB
md5_file hash: 09b8d1417001720a1f4028ca05ac73ea
First released: Wed, 2007-04-11 16:02

We are pleased to announce a beta testing release of VB and VX. VB is an AccessGrid 3 Shared Application that, through use of STUN and VX servers, enables AccessGrid participation through NATs and Firewalls. The initial application of this is to enable AccessGrid participation for people over low speed links and testing has shown that we can get a usable setup on a 256/64k ADSL link.

For this release, please be wary of using VB on multicast enabled networks. There are tests to avoid multicast loops and packet duplication but this is a beta release so some configurations may cause problems still. If you're running on linux, you can disable multicast temporarily by doing the following as super user:

route add -net netmask lo

Then upon restarting the VenueClient, you should not see external multicast video/audio (the media tools must be restarted for the above command to take effect). Multicast can be reenabled with:

route del -net netmask

VX is the bridging/transcoding server. Through this testing phase, we will run a test server here and this server is configured as the default in VB. Please bear in mind that this is a beta release so the server may not be available all the time, and if it falls over it won't be put back up until Australian business hours. There is some documentation for setting up your own VX server but it is rather spartan at the moment.

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