2007 Access Grid Retreat Presentations


Monday, May 14

Michael E. Papka, Argonne

Opening Keynote
Jason Leigh, EVL, UIC

State of the Access Grid
Thomas Uram, Argonne

The SUMOVER project: Media Tools Present and Future [abstract]
Socrates Varakliotis, UCL

Techniques for Displaying Stereo Images/Video in the Access Grid
Michael E. Papka, Argonne

AG through the Looking Glass [abstract]
Michael W. Daley, Cardiff University

Realtime Compression for High-Resolution Content [abstract]
Luc Renambot, EVL, UIC

Design of smart meeting space based on AG service composition [abstract]
Sangwoo Han, GIST

An Enhanced Shared Presentation Tool for the Access Grid [abstract]
Kai Zhang, National Library of Medicine

Extending vic for DV/HDV in the Access Grid [abstract]
*Best Presentation Winner*

Christoph Willing, UQueensland

Tuesday, May 15

inSORS Update
Jim Miller, inSORS

Global Quality Assurance Program [abstract]
*Best Presentation Winner*

Jason Bell, Central Queensland University

Improving the Access Grid Experience [abstract]
Javier Gomez Alonso, University of Manchester

Access Grid's Role in the Development of the ePCRN [abstract]
Joseph Stone, University of Minnesota

Stitching Institutional Wounds [abstract]
R.P.C. Rodgers, National Library of Medicine

Emulating Access Grid features at web endpoints [abstract]
Pablo Sendin, University of Vigo

Odegaard Videoconference Studio [abstract]
Ari TenCate, University of Washington

SRB for large data handling in the Access Grid [abstract]
Christoph Willing, Uqueensland

Distributed Collaborative Biomedicine [abstract]
Jonathan Silverstein, Advanced Biomedical Consortium

Coupling of COVISE with Access Grid [abstract]
Michael Braitmaier, HLRS

Community Building in Distance Learning Environments [abstract]
*Best Presentation Winner*

Daniel Eiland, Louisiana State University

Meeting List Tool - Further Development [abstract]
Adam Carter, EPCC

PANEL: Constructive Daydreaming: A Shared Wish List

Wednesday, May 16

Building Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network for Access Grid Bridges [abstract]
Wenjun Wu, UChicago

PANEL: Crossing the Connectivity Chasm

User Hands-on Session

Doc Lap Nguyen, LSU

Room Nodes
Jason Bell, CQU


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