Ceiling mounted

  • Great for picking up audience participants and allows everyone to be heard.
  • Ceiling microphones require more tuning.
  • Gain levels need to be set at a higher level, which can also introduce complications such as additional ambient noise.
  • Due to distance from microphone, voices may sound distant or hollow.

Desktop mounted

  • Provides greater depth to the quality of the speaker’s voice.
  • Limited pickup range.
  • Due to limited range, people may continually slide microphones from one speaker to the next.
  • Desktop mic’s tend to hear all table related noise, such as paper shuffling, typing on laptops and laptops fan noise, etc.


  • Lapel radio microphone are good for presenters who require greater mobility.
  • Wireless microphones can be passed to participants at the back where desktop or ceiling microphones cannot hear the conversation.
  • Requires passing a microphone from speaker to speaker.
  • Require battery charging or replacements.

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