3D Vic

3D Vic is an interactive 3D interface for the display of the video streams. One unique workspace is divided into various views, depending on the kind of conversation desired, where the videos can be arranged in a 3D space automatically or manually. The workspace reacts to mouse and keyboard interactions, and computer vision tools such as activity detection allow the interface to react according to the content of each stream.

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AccessGrid 3.2 Bundled Installer for Windows

AccessGrid 3.2 Bundled Installer

This is an installer for Access Grid 3.1, everything it depends on, and optionally several other useful project addons, like:

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AG Assist



AG Assist is a small program designed to facilitate the running of an Access Grid session. It interfaces with the AG Toolkit software (Venue Client, VIC, RAT, Shared Presentation Controller, etc) and other aspects of the AG session to provide a more user-friendly, polished and consistent AG experience. Any problems, questions or feedback please email


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AG Connector

AG Connector is a solution for multicast connectivity problem of Access Grid. Multicast is a good way for distributing multimedia data among large number of people. However, lack of multicast routers makes it difficult to use multicast. AG Connector provides multicast connectivity among users using UDP Multicast tunneling protocol.

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AG Device Control

AGDeviceControl is a cross-platform extensible Python framework enabling the remote manipulation of typical Access Grid hardware resources.

AGDeviceControl allows, for example, a remote operator to switch-on projectors, position cameras and otherwise control any device configured into the system.

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AG Toolkit Management

AG Toolkit Management is a custom program that manages several aspects of the Access Grid interface to provide a more user friendly, slick and consistent AG experience. Any problems/bugs, comments or suggestions for improvements are welcomed –

For further information or to download this program please visit:

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AGVCR was written by Derek Piper at the Indiana University School of Informatics to allow members of AccessGrid conferences to be able to easily record those conferences and play them back at a later time using a friendly, simple interface. Participants of a recording are saved along with the file itself to allow for easy review once the file is loaded again. Recorded files can be edited via a built-in editor.

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High Definition Video (HD vic)

This project is based upon the work done at the University of Queensland's VisLab.

This project aims to provide the best possible video for use in the Access Grid. The default H.261 codec was designed for (by today's standards) low bandwidth networks. While it does that quite well, its high compression and low resolution (320x240) don't allow it to be described as "high quality".

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Improve Bridge Listing

There are currently a number of issues with unicast bridging that make the Access Grid toolkit non-intuitive.

In regards to general bridge listing, there are a number of areas that could be vastly improved.

Some of the issues that users currently experience are:

  • The bridge listing isn’t always current. A bridge may disappear, yet it still shows as available within the VenueClient. Therefore users try to connect and don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

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ParaView Streaming Plugin

This Access Grid Plugin allows the ParaView render area to be streamed to remote receivers as video. The remote receivers see the ParaView user's interactions with ParaView in near real-time (25 frames per second) at native resolution, and need not have ParaView installed. The Access Grid Plugin simplifies the use of the ParaView Streaming Plugin by negotiating the stream destination address for you.

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Portal Access Grid

The Portal Access Grid project intends to develop a fully-functional portlet client for the Access Grid Toolkit version 3 (AGTkv3) that in addition enables automatic and transparent switching to unicast when multicast becomes unavailable, allows the use of Access Grid behind restrictive firewalls and from low bandwidth connections, and significantly simplifies the installation procedure for users.

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Shared Desktop

The SharedDesktop Access Grid shared application listens for other SharedDesktop users to share their desktop via VNC - then offers them to the user. It also allows the user to share their own desktop to the other connected sites. Its use is mostly meant to allow for simple desktop sharing of PDF's, powerpoints, spreadsheets and documents, etc. I've also found that it is extremely useful for helping others tweak/troubleshoot their AG nodes.

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Shared Rasmol

RasMol is a widely used program for molecular graphics visualisation. See the RasMol web site for more general information.

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SharedOSG was initially started by Rhys Hawkins who created an OpenSceneGraph plugin for Access Grid 2.3. The code has been rewritten and enhanced with new features for Access Grid 3.2

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Beyond conventional videoconferences, it is important to provide an interaction mechanism for the material of interest. SharedPaint is an instrument that allows to empower AG users through an interactive tool for images. This application was developed by IMAGINE research group at Universidad de los Andes.

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SUMOVER Project (vic and rat)

The SUMOVER project aims to provide for development and support of the Mbone Videoconferencing tools for the research community.

As of Access Grid 3.1, the SUMOVER versions of VIC (video tool) and RAT (audio tool) have been included in the Access Grid installers.

The mpeg4/h264 version of vic, which is not included with the AG release, is available here.

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TigerboardAG is a shared whiteboard/presentation application that uses the Access Grid environment to allow participants to quickly present and annotate slides, images, documents, or even a blank page. The goal is to combine commonly used presentation software and hardware along with the AG resources into a simple, transparent interface for users to easily collaborate with one another. TigerboardAG has been successfully used at LSU state sites for our Statistics classes, meetings, and various presentations and demonstrations of the Access Grid.

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VB Multicast Bridge

VB is an AccessGrid shared application that is used with the VX service as an advanced multicast bridging solution.

VB is a Java 1.5 application and GUI that is used to request and configure VX services.

VB and VX work together to form a bi-directional multicast bridging solution. The VB GUI offers full access to VX functionality, including video and audio transcoding and merging capabilities.

One of the key features of VB is that it is a also multicast sender and receiver and thus the AccessGrid media tools need not be restarted/reconfigured when the bridge is activated.

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Video Presence (VP)

VP is a replacement for the video consumer portion of everyone's favourite tool vic. VP offers a much improved user experience with, for example, automatic grouping of video tiles by site. Highly customizable, current features of VP include:

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VPCScreen is a video producer service for the AccessGrid that captures your desktop (or part thereof) and sends it as an H261, H261AS or JPEG video stream.

It is particularly useful for when you wish to send only part of a display, or just a single window.

VPCScreen is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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VPCScreenIX extends the VPCScreen application to support remote interaction. VPCScreenIX can stream screen content as h.261as video into Access Grid meetings just as VPCScreen can, but the VPCScreenIX application also listens for remote network connections and processes incoming mouse and keyboard events, directing them into the source application. The effect is to give near-native user interaction with remote applications to every participating user.

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VX is a service for providing RTP bridging, Audio and Video transcoding, Audio reflecting and UMTP remulticasting. It is interfaced via SOAP and is intended to be used from AccessGrid client services/shared applications.

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