Beyond conventional videoconferences, it is important to provide an interaction mechanism for the material of interest. SharedPaint is an instrument that allows to empower AG users through an interactive tool for images. This application was developed by IMAGINE research group at Universidad de los Andes.

Using Shared Presentation for Venue Client 3.x


This how-to briefly describes how to use the Shared Presentation application which is bundled into the AG Toolkit 3.x software.

The Shared Presentation application can be added to a venue by selecting "Venue," "Start Application Session," "Shared Presentation" from the pull-down menu in the Venue client. Once present in a venue, the Shared Presentation Application can be opened on your local machine by selecting the "Shared Presentation" item in the application list in the right pane of the Venue Client and selecting "Open" from the right click menu. (You may also choose "open for all participants," which prompts the other users in the given venue to join you in the shared application.

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