Venue Management Manual


The Venue Management manual, prepared by the Access Grid developers, provides detailed coverage of the functionality of the Venue Management utility and cursory details of running a Venue Server.

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Venue Client Manual


The Venue Client manual, prepared by the Access Grid developers, includes detailed coverage of the functionality of the Venue Client.

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Access Grid in Collaborative Education: Case Studies


This collection of case studies is authored by members of the Virtual Institute on Access Grid in Education, part of the NSF-funded Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC).

  • Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University
  • Edee Norman Wiziecki, NCSA
  • Laura Arns, Purdue University
  • Michael Daw, University of Manchester
  • Nora Barry, Druid Media, Inc.
  • Vince Gaffney, Helen Goodchild, and Mary Harlow, Birmingham University
  • Vic Salva, Parent volunteer for Cherry Creek School District, Colorado
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AccessGrid. A new collaborative work environment.

Language: Spanish
Author: Natalia Costas Lago (natalia at cesga dot es) (CESGA)
Date: 28/11/2006

AccessGrid technology is one of the infrastructures developed on the E-Science field whose goal is to improve researchers productivity by means of information technologies. It provides a work environment that allows the interconnection of a high number of geographically distributed groups that can make videoconference at the same time they share applications.

In the present article a global knowledge in AccessGrid techonolgy is given describing with great detail all the points that should be taken into account for its deployment. It is a recopilation of the information provided by the community and our particular experience during the deployment of several AccessGrid nodes in Spain: general information, requirements, functionalities, configuration hardware and software, installation, costs, documentation, troubleshooting...

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How to run an AG3 Bridge


In AccessGrid 3, bridges are available to any user in any Venue. This is achieved by registration of the Bridges with a Registry, which clients can query to discover Bridges. As of AG3.0, only one such Registry exists; support for multiple separate Registries will come in a future release. This article briefly describes how to run a bridge in AG3.

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Former AG Documentation Project pages


In the transition to the new website, some documentation from the AGDP has been carried over. Additional documents will be migrated in the future. Meanwhile, the former AGDP webpages are still online for the benefit of users.

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Using Shared Presentation for Venue Client 3.x


This how-to briefly describes how to use the Shared Presentation application which is bundled into the AG Toolkit 3.x software.

The Shared Presentation application can be added to a venue by selecting "Venue," "Start Application Session," "Shared Presentation" from the pull-down menu in the Venue client. Once present in a venue, the Shared Presentation Application can be opened on your local machine by selecting the "Shared Presentation" item in the application list in the right pane of the Venue Client and selecting "Open" from the right click menu. (You may also choose "open for all participants," which prompts the other users in the given venue to join you in the shared application.

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How to use Jabber to Connect to AG 3.x Venue Text Chat


The AG 3.x Venue Client uses the jabber protocol for text chat. This creates the opportunity to join the text chat for a given venue using a jabber client, if you are in a situation where you cannot run a Venue Client.

Download, Installation, and Configuration

A Jabber client can be downloaded at Follow the link on the left-hand side of that page to "clients;" the Psi client is recommended and used by many in the AG community.

Download and install the PSI client on your machine. When you get to the Choose Components screen, you may choose to disable the Automatic startup if you would not prefer to have Psi start up automatically whenever you log in to your computer.

The first time you launch Psi, you will see a window titled Open Profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Profiles" button at the bottom of the window. The next window that opens is the Manage Profiles window.

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AGTk Venue Client 3.0.1 Frequently Asked Questions

This is a living document! Readers are encouraged to add questions, with or without answers, by leaving comments on this page. Information from the page comments will be rolled into the main page from time to time.

  • If I have AGTk 2.4 installed on my machine, do I need to reinstall Python 2.3?

  • How do I find IP/port info for a given venue in the Venue Client?

    Within the Venue Client, select "Venue," "Properties." In addition to IP/port information, you will also find locations for text chat and data.
  • Add schedule - what is that?

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AGVCR documentation

Documentation for AGVCR (the AccessGrid Video "Cassette" Recorder), by Derek Piper of Indiana University, is available at the AGVCR documentation page. Download information for AGVCR is also available from that project website.

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